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Master Pole and Aerial Fitness Trainer Sarah Scott Shares Her Thoughts on the Mainstream Success of Pole Dancing

Sarah Scott is an international pole dancing performer and master pole and aerial fitness trainer. Her numerous accolades include 1st Place at the 2012 Miss Pole Dance UK, and 2nd Place at the 2014 World Pole Dance Doubles. She’s also made several, high-profile TV appearances including Sky 1’s A League of Their Own, and gained a huge social following.

Sarah recently spoke to HFE (Health and Fitness Education) and explained why pole dancing has become so popular. She said: “Pole dancing is nothing new, but recently it’s become a lot more mainstream as the fitness world is realising it’s a brilliant way of getting people involved who would otherwise be fearful of the gym environment… (it)  helps women get another view of their bodies. It’s not just about losing weight, but about being part of a group and having fun. Most importantly of all, it takes the emphasis off the exercise itself and places it onto the mastering of a technique, which is where the enjoyment and commitment come into play.”

She went on to explain how pole dancing provides an exciting alternative to regular fitness classes: “The other big advantage pole dancing offers is the sense of support…  Normally the same people are going to pole classes every week and if someone gets a move they’ve been struggling with then there’s a big round of applause. That sense of group support is hugely motivating and reassuring.”

Sarah also offered some advice for personal trainers looking to get into pole and aerial fitness: “The PT industry can be incredibly competitive, so if possible you really want to carve out your own small niche… The first step is to get certified which they can do through number of providers or gain their qualification with XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness, which is the only provider to offer the QCF… This qualification has really helped to give the industry credibility and raise the overall standard.”

Read the full interview on HFE’s blog.

Tara Meyer

Pole Profiles

Tara Meyer is an International Pole Champion.
She recently won, 1st Place, at the 2018 OG Ms. Pole Fitness Olympia Championship & awarded the People’s Choice Award at Mr. Olympia.

She has studied dance for 23 years but first competed as a figure skater.

Tara found dance at age nine and by 16, her passion became her professional career; leading to many awards and scholarships.

She trained at several elite ballet & dance schools, around the world, and upon graduation, was named Canadian Female Dancer of the Year.

From her days dancing, on pointe, as a prima ballerina, she is now an X-POLE Athlete gracing the Pole World with her fluidity and killer feet!  It is this finesse, which has seen her take home many Canadian, US and International titles, over the last few years. 

While Tara continues to travel the world teaching, judging, performing and competing; she is also the Canadian XPERT Pole Fitness master trainer, clothing ambassador for Artista Apparel and the proud owner of VogueFit, an elite Aerial studio located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


2018 OG Ms. Pole Fitness Olympia, Champion & People’s Choice Award 
2017 PWN, Female Performance Artist of the Year -“Best Female Performer”
2017 PWN, Most Photogenic – “Picture Perfect”
2016 PCS, Champion
2015 IPSF, Pole Sports Industry Award: Athlete Runner Up of the year
2015 PCS, 1st Runner up
2015 U.S Aerial Championships, 1st Runner up
2014 CPFA, Champion & Best Tricks Award
2014 NAPDC, Champion & People’s Choice Award
Paragon International Amateur Pole Dance Championships, Champion
2013 CPFA, 1st Runner up Pro
2012 CPFA, 1st Place Semi Pro
2012 Miss Pole Winnipeg, Champion & People’s Choice Award
2011 Miss Pole Dance Canada, 1st Place Amateur & People’s Choice Award

Selected Guest Feature Performances:
Cast of Oscillations Dance (current)
2018 Cast of Jenyne Butterfly’s RISE, Vegas 
2018 Legion Sports Fest Fitness, Los Angeles   
2017 Cast of Jenyne Butterfly’s Virago Society
2015 Cast of Alethea Austin’s Ink N Iron
2014 Girl Next Door Soiree, Los Angeles
2015 Vegas Pole Expo
2014 Vegas Pole Expo
2013 Vegas Pole Expo

2018 Pole Classic, Pole Expo Las Vegas 
2018 PCS Pole Championships Series 
2018 Pole Theatre Canada 
2018 Colorado Pole Championships 
2017 PCS Pole Championship Series 
2017 PCS Pole Open Women’s Novice
2017 North American Pole Dance Championships
2016 Pole Theatre UK
2016 North American Pole Dance Championships
2016 CPFA Alberta Championships
2016 Erotic World Pole Dance Championships

Rise to the Challenge.

Pole Profiles

Our latest brand video follows the lives of three very different athletes as they prepare themselves for the pole journey ahead of them. Whether you are a studio owner looking to instruct using the most advanced build-a-poles, or an elite athlete prepping on our XPERT Pro poles for an International competition, or if you’re just getting started with our SPORT poles, regardless of where you are in your pole journey, X-POLE is with you every step of the way.
We are your one-stop shop for everything Pole & Aerial. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, looking for a new way to keep fit or sharpening your skills for your next competition, we can provide you with the equipment & skills to reach your goal!

Karley Cottrell

Pole Profiles

Karley Cottrell is an aerialist and dancer in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been dancing since she was 2 years old and has been performing at various shows in events in Las Vegas for the last 6 years. She started pole dancing almost 11 years ago and quickly added aerial arts. She now specializes in: pole, aerial pole, aerial hoop, aerial silks, cube, aerial hammock, doubles aerial hoop, and aerial looped straps. She currently travels to perform, teach workshops, and teach for Xpole and XPert. Karley is so excited to help bring pole and aerial fitness into the mainstream through the instruction of both XPole and Xpert.

-Xpole / XPert Master Aerial Trainer

-Certified Instructor Trainer in
Pole 1/2
Pole 3/4
Aerial Hoop
Aerial Silks
Aerial Hammock
Children’s Pole and Aerial Fitness

-ACE Certified Personal Trainer

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer

-NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

Career and Performance Highlights:

-Dancer and Aerialist in “Alice: A steampunk Concert Fantasy” in Las Vegas

-Dancer and Showgirl in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at Tropicana Las Vegas

-Aerialist and feature guest with “Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious” in Las Vegas.

-Pole Dancer with “Green Day” at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas

-Dancer, Aerialist, and Producer in “Voyeur” in Las Vegas

-Aerialist and Feature guest at “Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show” in Vancouver, Canada