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Get wrapped up in the beauty, creativity and innovation of aerial silks.

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X-POLE Silks are available in 6m length in stunning X-POLE purple.

Please note the size listed is half the length of the silk. As aerial silks are rigged from the centre the working length is a little under half the total length.

The knot takes up about 0.5m of the fabric, you will also want some fabric left at floor level to allow slack for wraps.

Our silks are 1.5m in width and have a medium stretch factor, manufactured from the highest quality materials and are completely machine washable!

X-POLE Silks are suitable for home and commercial (gym and studio) use.

Aerial Silks can be damaged and laddered by jewellery and watches so please make sure you remove these items before use.

For rigging and fixing of silks, check out our aerial accessories. If you’re not sure what you’ll need, take a look at our support page.

*Processing and shipping can take up to 5 business days FOR IN STOCK ITEMS ONLY with the exception of pre-orders. Pre-order dates may vary please check specific items on the website!
If you need any technical help, please check our FAQ section. Thank you!
If you item is on backorder, we will ship once our stock is replenished.

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